We want the community to thrive!

You saw from The Problems page that the time is NOW to be part of the solution! 

It is important work before us, and we want you to be part of the solution. 

Will you be part of the solution?

We have described the rent affordability crisis, housing instability, low wages not matching costs of living, and the 43% increase in homelessness in Thurston county from 2019-2020. Now is the time to begin looking toward our housing shortage and pull together to build homes for one another.

Build A Bus Home is offering a solution to some of the problems.

One of our buses ready for construction.

We are working toward building alternative affordable, safe, and healthy housing by converting buses into homes for low income residents of Thurston county. 

An alternative is a small, moveable, safe, affordable, healthy simpler house we can be proud to live in. These have been showcased on many T.V. shows, YouTube, and social media. Many people are already familiar with tiny home living, and we can build them together. 

Affordable, healthy, and safe – YES, cost will be based on income or lack thereof, cost of living, and other factors to be determined. We will build the bus homes to be safe and healthy by making sure everything is built to code.

No discrimination – all incomes types accepted.

Reduction in homelessness in Thurston County.

Advocacy & Community Partners

Local advocacy groups such as Just Housing Olympia JHO, Mutual Aid Olympia, MAO, Partners In Prevention Education PIPE, are on the front lines meeting people where they are and providing services, and supplies to them as often as needed. It is a very high need right now as COVID-19 is running rampant.

Build a Bus Home is asking the The State of Washington, Thurston County Health & Social Services, Thurston County Commissioners and the City Council Members in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Yelm to support the Shower Trailer Program with:

  • Funding from their homelessness response budgets
  • Funding from Community Development Block Grants
  • Emergency funds coming from the State and National levels for COVID-19 response

Contact you local Congressman and Senators

Contact your legislators in Thurston County. Write to Congressman Denny Heck @RepDennyHeck Official Website  202-225-9740, who has been a housing champion, to demonstrate your support for programs to be funded. 

Write to our Senators Patty Murray @PattyMurray Official Website  202-224-2621 & Maria Cantwell @SenatorCantwell Official Website 202-224-3441 about continuing to fund government housing programs. 

We are not alone in this problem, but we can all be part of the solutions!

If you feel strongly about these issues, we urge you to get involved with our solutions, with Build A Bus Home. Many people just look the other way, but if you are reading this website you are not the type of person who does nothing if they can offer assistance in some way. 

There are many opportunities for people, businesses, and organizations to become involved with Build A Bus Home (BABH). 

We welcome your contributions from financial assistance, equipment (including buses), and space to build bus homes. 

Furthermore, we need to secure real estate to expand our organization to serve more residents with a way out of poverty.

We are going to require people who want to provide the physical labor of building the bus home. 

We want the community to thrive!

When people live in affordable housing, spending less on rent and utilities, they can become a more productive member of society. 

When people feel good about themselves, they spend more, and contribute more, they go out to events more, and therefore, they boost the economy!

When people in their communites volunteer, they can become happier more content people through giving of themselves to others. 

When we are more content we smile more, have happier interactions with people, and possess the chance to spread more happiness. 

What are your talents and skills that you would like to spread and put to good use with Build A Bus Home?

Do you feel passionate about working cooperatively to accomplish a common problem? 

BABH invites you to volunteer and we welcome everyone:

Nonprofit organizations, Community members, Businesses, Secondary Schools, Church’s & Church organizations, Youth groups and organizations, Community leaders, Contractors, City governments & County municipalities, Tiny home builders, Bus builders, Trailer builders, Suppliers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Retired trades people, Tow truck companies, Recycling & upcycing Businesses, etc

We are working to initiate and foster relationships with local farmers. 

We will work with outside agencies to connect future bus home owners / leasers to work in exchange for a place to live for work on the farm. 

It is a great exchange of basic needs. The farmer needs help, and the owner / leaser needs a place to park their bus home to live a fruitful life in Thurston County. This way the people avoid homelessness and the farmer has help they would not have had before. More details to follow as the Board develops further information.

Cooperative Building

We are interested in working with instructors and students from classes already in place, such as drafting, welding, automotive, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing to name a few. The possibilities are endless. 

Co-operative giving and learning opportunities are important to expand the students’ actual work experience in school. This will benefit them once they leave their school doors. Doing what they like to do, will allow for opportunities where the student will likely prosper in a career, and hopefully not become homeless. 

We will work cooperatively with other:

· Tiny home builders 

· Bus builders 

· Trailer builders

· Tow truck companies

· Recycling & upcycing businesses

· Secondary Schools 

· Church’s & Church organizations

· Youth groups and organizations

· Community leaders

· Contractors

· City governments, & municipalities

· Suppliers

· Carpenters

· Plumbers

· Electricians

· Retired trades people, etc.

This is a demonstration of how we will utilize cooperative strategies, which creates opportunities to enhance relationships with other businesses. We will help to forge and create bonds to strengthen relationships in the community. 

Are you someone who has time and talent and would like to lend a hand? Find out more

Clean Up Bus & Shower Trailer

Providing Dignity & Compassion

Build A Bus Home is proud to announce our fiscal sponsor, Angels for Angels.

We are fundraising for our first mobile bus for laundry and showers for homeless.  

When you make a donation it is tax deductible through Angels for Angels.

We need to raise at least 33,200 to convert ONE BUS into a Laundry & Toilet Bus! 

Dignity is something many of us take for granted. It is challenging to need help, and even more challenging to ask for help. 

When people who are homeless wish to search for a job or go to a social service agency they may feel intimidated. Traveling on public transit to have a shower and change into clean clothing can often be a barrier to homeless. We take for granted waking up in our homes, going to the bathroom to have a shower, wash clothing, and access personal care products. When homeless these basic needs often go undone.

It is easy to give up when asking for help is a barrier either personally due to shame or judgements from others, especially those close like family and friends. We are raised to become self-sufficient. Asking is difficult, no matter where we are in our lives or our societies.

To ask for help is probably the most un-dignified thing to do as a human. However, we are all in this world together, and if BABH can help by providing a service, what better way to support our homeless community?

Many homeless folks want to appear ready, to present their best selves, and then to perhaps look for work or a place to stay indoors, off the streets, out of cars, trucks, and tents. 

We want to provide dignity restoration. We will provide information to social services such as clothing, and food, etc. 

We intended to have at least one bus ready for the cold winter months in the Pacific Northwest. However, we do not have funding yet to reach this goal.

Many times, I have found that I have felt embarrassed to ask for help. My first time in a social service agency was overwhelming. I am now asking for your help! 

We can make a difference together!

We want to invite you to participate with us for the first build.  

Reach out to us: or 360.890.3133