Hygiene Services

Clean Up Bus & Shower Trailer (CUBST)

We are adjusting this program to help serve the community during the COVID-19 crisis by creating a Coronavirus Response station. We would set up the shower trailer and other equipment on a central site with other homeless services partners. We will be providing Covid-19 screening and perhaps testing. We may arrange to have van transport from the locations of homeless guests to this site on a scheduled basis, and volunteers would be trained and equipped to work with guests who may have been exposed to the virus.

Our Shower Trailer Program was created by Build a Bus Home (BABH) to provide a way for municipalities in Thurston County to meet part of the basic hygiene needs and reduce the health and environmental impacts of some of the most at-risk homeless residents. The basic health and safety needs of homeless residents is a challenge when many go without basic hygiene services, such as showers and handwashing and this leads to other consequences for general safety and health of our communities

The shower trailer includes eight sinks and mirrors for personal hygiene for guests.

This program is also versatile in that it can be scheduled to provide services for new locations as they are identified. We can visit homeless sites, city sites, and Churches, provide services for a few hours and then move on.

We provide staffing through volunteers and operate with lower equipment and material costs through donations and in-kind contributions from local government and businesses.

We are currently seeking more volunteers, donations, and advocacy. Donations may be in-kind, supplies, construction materials etc. We are looking for assistance from our local large and small businesses to help operate this program. We intend to support our local small business owners who are impacted by homelessness and wish to be a part of the Solutions.

Would you consider helping in one or more of the following ways?

We welcome your contributions of financial assistance, shower and PPE supplies, equipment (including buses), and location to build bus homes, and preferable a 3-4 bay building with meeting rooms, and classrooms for workshops.

Volunteer, Donate Supplies, Donate $, Donate in-kind